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A'Lissa Devorss

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A'Lissa Devorss pictured with her Adopted Horse Maddie

My name is A'Lissa Devorss. The loves of my life are my wonderful husband, Brad, our witty little man, Aidan, and our furry family members. After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a BS in Marketing, I opened Fat Cat Photography LLC in Stillwater, OK. Currently I serve as Promotions Coordinator on the Blaze's Board of Directors. My journey to Blaze's began with a loss.

On October 4, 2006 my family suffered the sudden passing of my mom. Mom and I had shared a love for horses. Brad thought it was a great idea to bring horses back into my life. He and Aidan purchased a beautiful Thoroughbred, named Jack, to help me heal. Jack was off the track and, after having him for a few months, we realized he would be happier with another horse to hang with. A friend that was familiar with Blaze's suggested we look there. One hot August afternoon Brad, Aidan, and I made our way to Blaze's to see what we could find. Little did we know we were the ones that were going to be found.

A rail thin brown and white Paint horse with a limp and no training, greeted us. She followed us until we'd go through a gate, then she'd stand at the gate until we came back, then she'd follow us some more. She had found her family. Her name was Maddie. We adopted her that day. She couldn't come home until she had put on more weight. Coincidentally, or maybe it was something else, Maddie got to come home on October 4, 2007. Mom always did like Paints. Maddie's story, beginning that day, can be read on

Maddie was, and still is, an amazing grace. Wanting everyone to have the same experience, we posted her story online to create an awareness of rescue horses. I was constantly sending Natalee pictures and updates about Maddie, as well as, reminding her I was here to help if she needed me. In April of 2008 she called me to serve on the Blaze's Board. We have since adopted 3 horses from Blaze's. It continues to be an honor to serve a cause that saves so many, horse and human alike.

Please call or email to schedule an appointment to visit the horses currently available in our rescue program. We are generally available by appointment Monday - Thursday after 5:30 and anytime Friday - Sunday. We do maintain full time jobs, so we are not always available on weekdays. Please be patient with us and we will return your call/email as soon as possible. .


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