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Irene & Ali came into our rescue program on April 15, 2010. Irene is a Beautiful, Black/White, Paint, Mare with a Beautiful 1 month old filly named Ali. Irene is estimated to be 17 years of age. The day of their arrival was a very unusual day for me, as I found myself drawn to go to the Jones Livestock Auction. This is a very rare occasion for me, because I know that I can't save them all and with the overwhelming amount of cruelty cases that I get in, I just don't have the funds to purchase horses. However, for reasons that are very clear to me today, I found myself walking through the livestock barn in Jones on this particular Thursday night viewing the horses. As I reached the last stall in the barn, I found this pair, Irene & Ali. Irene, the mother, had clearly just giving birth to Ali 2 short days prior to being taken to the sale barn. Here is a newborn filly being exposed to all types of illnesses, etc., at the sale barn. Then I see momma, who is crippled, blind in one eye and has a HUGE abscess on the side of her face and very underweight. Other than the fact that she didn't like the other horses looking at her baby, she was just the sweetest girl and seemed to scream "HELP ME". Of course, I knew then that I was staying for the evening. She was one of the last horses to come through the sale and not even the kill buyer would bid on her. No one offered up a single bid, and then the auctioneer looked at us, since he knows who we are and what we do, and we immediately said, Yes. Of course, no one to bid against, no one was willing to save this special momma and her baby. We brought them home and had our Veterinarian examine them immediately. Baby Ali had diarrhea and we were concerned for her life, as we know, she was exposed to strangles, etc., We immediately treated her for the diarrhea and prayed that she would survive. Momma's huge abscess was strangles. Our Veterinarian immediately drained the wound and flushed it out. She was placed on antibiotics and the next several days were crucial. We watched over them very closely and baby just started thriving, trying to eat with momma, growing and doing great. Here they are just over a month later. Momma has gained about 100 pounds and is just the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She loves attention and she always greets you with a friendly nicker. Ali is a sweety and enjoying life. She runs, bucks, plays and is growing like a weed. Momma tries desperately to keep up. Ali is almost as tall as her momma and look at those markings. She is going to be on flashy girl. Irene will obviously be a companion animal only, but I hope that someone will be able to look past her handicap and offer her the loving, forever home that she and her foal so greatly deserve. She didn't ask to be put through all that she has. She only wants someone to love her and her baby! If you are interested in giving these sweet girls a loving, forever home to call their own, please submit an adoption application. Irene has a current negative coggins, up to date on vaccinations, deworming and hoof maintenance.

Irene and Ali have been adopted to a wonderful family in Halstead, Kansas. They are going to be extremely well loved and spoiled rotten. They are so deserving of this wonderful home and family. We are thrilled that these sweet girls have found their forever, loving homes, despite Irene's disabilities!


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