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Kyler came into our rescue program on April 06, 2013. Kyler came from the Seminole County Sheriff's Office along with 62 other horses and 3 Llama's as a severe cruelty case. Seminole County investigated an animal cruelty case consisting of over 120 animals, where several carcasses were found. Sadly, for many horses, help came too late. We were able to assist Seminole County and save 63 horses and 3 Llama's from neglect. Kyler is a Beautiful, Black, Friesian, Stud. Kyler is estimated to be 11 years of age. Kyler is a body score of a 3. He is infested with internal/external parasites, has rain rot and is mildly anemic. Kyler arrived with an extremely enlarged Penis. His penis has two large, linear firm bands of scar tissue with centralized granulation tissue. It is partially paralyzed. There are small firm masses present in the peripheri and center of granulation tissue. It appears he has suffered trauma and/or neoplasia present. Kyler is scheduled for surgery on Monday, May 20th, 2013. He will require either a partial or full amputation. We won't know for sure, how much will have to be removed, until they proceed with his surgery. He will require a biopsy and histopathology. He will have a long road of recovery ahead of him after his surgery. He is a sweet boy and deserves the best. You can see how much Kyler has improved in just 30 days. The top 2 pictures of Kyler are the day of the seizure and the bottom 2 pictures are just 30 days later. All of the horses are doing great and improving daily. Many have a long road of recovery ahead of them, while many others will be coming available for adoption soon. Kyler is super sweet and very smart. He loves attention! He loads in a trailer and stands for the farrier. We will update as he continues to progress. Please consider making a donation towards Kyler's Rehabilitation.

Kyler has been adopted to a wonderful family in Geary, Oklahoma. Kyler received his surgery and recovered wonderfully. He had to have all but 3 inches amputated from his penis. Kyler had over 20 applicants apply to adopt this special boy. The process to find his forever, loving home was a bit overwhelming, as we received numerous wonderful homes for him. We went in the order the applications were received, but we didn't have to get far, as the first one to apply was ready and eager to give this amazing boy the special home he deserves. I know Kyler will forever be loved and cared for in his amazing home. He deserves the best and the best he received.

Please call or email to schedule an appointment to visit the horses currently available in our rescue program. We are generally available by appointment Monday - Thursday after 5:30 and anytime Friday - Sunday. We do maintain full time jobs, so we are not always available on weekdays. Please be patient with us and we will return your call/email as soon as possible.  

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