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Reese came into our rescue program on October 12, 2012. Reese came from Stephens County Sheriff's Office as a cruelty case along with 10 other horses. Reese is a Beautiful, Bay, Quarter Horse, Gelding. Reese is estimated to be 20 years of age. Reese stands at 15.1 hands tall. Reese is a body score of 1 and weighed 706 pounds on date of the seizure. Reese and his pasture mates have spent the last week at the Veterinary Clinic where they have all gained strength, as well as, gained a little bit of weight. Reese is super sweet and very smart. He loaded in the trailer with no problem and loves attention. Reese needs his feet trimmed as all of them have been neglected. This sweet boy also needs his teeth floated. This beautiful boy has quite a bit of weight to gain and a long road of recovery ahead of him. We will update as he progresses. Please consider donating towards Reese's Rehabilitation.

Reese has been adopted to a wonderful family in Marlow, Oklahoma. We don't typically adopt out horses in Reese' body condition, but once we heard from Reese' original family, we knew that this sweet boy needed to go home. Reese was this young ladies first gelding, when she was just a child. Reese was sold 5 years ago, to what they thought would be a great family for Reese. Friday evening her sister was searching the website, when they stumbled upon our site. She just happened to see Reese and it brought back memories of her sisters horse. She clicked on his picture and was appalled to see that it was indeed their Reese. They instantly knew that they had to do whatever it took to get Reese back and give him the home and family that he deserved. Reese is back with his original family, where he will never leave again. They will finish his rehabilitation and restore him back to his prime. He is where he should be and we couldn't be happier for him. The moment they got Reese home, he nickered for his former herd mates and ran with pride. As you can see in the picture, they didn't wait to get Reese all cleaned up. Certainly a happy ending and we look forward to seeing updates on Reese' progress.

Please call or email to schedule an appointment to visit the horses currently available in our rescue program. We are generally available by appointment Monday - Thursday after 5:30 and anytime Friday - Sunday. We do maintain full time jobs, so we are not always available on weekdays. Please be patient with us and we will return your call/email as soon as possible.  

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