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Tic Tac

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Tic Tac
Tic TacTic Tac
Tic Tac

Tic Tac came into our rescue program on August 12, 2010. Tic Tac is one of 17 horses that survived a horrific trailer accident on the Turner Turnpike on May 18, 2010. Tic Tac along with 29 other horses were headed to Mexico on that horrible day, fated for slaughter. Unfortunately, 11 died instantly or had to be euthanized on scene of the wreck, 2 later died once they were transported back to the kill buyers property in Missouri. It is horrible to think that an overturned semi trailer is a blessing. But to these surviving 17 horses that horrific day is what ultimately saved their lives. These beautiful horses were given a second chance. These horses have remained in the custody of the kill buyer in Missouri until August 12th, all pictures posted are from the day of arrival into our rescue program and our Veterinary Day, which was 4 days after arrival. Thanks to HSUS for assisting us in our efforts to gain custody of these wonderful horses. It is a blessing to provide these horses a chance to be adopted and given the opportunity to be loved and someone's companion, such as many once were before being sold at a Livestock Auction in Missouri and Illinois. Many still wear their scars and wounds on them from that horrible day. Nothing about the Slaughter industry is humane. These horses not only suffered a horrible trailer wreck, but it is clear that they received little to no care while waiting at the Kill buyers to make that awful transport again. Thankfully, their horrible road to hell has ended and now we are providing them the care that they deserve, so that wonderful families can enjoy these sweet, sweet horses. It only takes a few minutes to look into these horses eyes and see the love, fear, uncertainness, and forgiveness that they have to offer. They will send you a message of thanks daily, from a simple nicker to a loving caress. Please note that the 17 horses are located in foster care. If you are interested in adopting one of these horses, please notify us, so that we can make arrangements to get that particular horse here at our facility to be seen.

Tic Tac is a super sweet, flea bit grey, Quarter Horse, Mare. Tic Tac is estimated to be 8 years of age. She is a super sweet girl. She is very smart and loves attention. This poor girl has a severe club foot and will require some corrective trimmings to get her comfortable and sound. Tic Tac is very laid back, she stands for the farrier, easy to catch, and has never given us problems with anything that we have done. Her feet were in horrible shape upon arrival, there is no telling when this poor girl had last had her feed trimmed. We will update as she progresses with her adoption status. Tic Tac has a current negative coggins, up to date on vaccinations, deworming, hoof maintenance and teeth floating. Please consider making a donation towards Tic Tac's rehabilitation. We will update as she progresses with her adoption status.

Tic Tac has been adopted by a wonderful family in Jones, Oklahoma. As you may know, we have hundred's of horses come into our rescue yearly, and some of them will steal your heart for whatever reason. Tic Tac is one of those horses and she is now a permanent resident of Blaze's Equine Rescue/Cross Family. Tic Tac has overcome so much, from nearly being Slaughtered, to a horrific trailer accident, then from being severly club footed and lame, to now being an amazing part of our family and a trusted riding companion. We are so happy to have Tic Tac in our lives and look forward to a wonderful future together.

Please call or email to schedule an appointment to visit the horses currently available in our rescue program. We are generally available by appointment Monday - Thursday after 5:30 and anytime Friday - Sunday. We do maintain full time jobs, so we are not always available on weekdays. Please be patient with us and we will return your call/email as soon as possible.  

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