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Angel Angel

Angel came into our rescue on January 12, 2005. She is our first rescue of the year. Angel is estimated to be around 2 years of age. Angel was nearly starved to death, this poor baby is suffering from a severe case of Rain Rot and is losing large chunks of her hair around her back bone. The pictures are hard to tell how poor of shape that she is in, due to the thickness of her winter hair that is on her sides. She is weak, but improving daily. She also has parasites that we are treating and lack of iron and vitamins. She is very sweet and doesn't mind all the loving that we have given her. She seems to perk up a little bit more every day. We have put a warm blanket on her to help with the cold and her lack of hair around her backbone. We pray that Angel makes a full recovery. Donations are welcome to help with Angel's care. We will update as she improves.

Update: Angel is recovering from her rain rot and putting weight on well. She is an extremely sweet girl, but tends to be a little timid when you first approach her to halter. Angel is very good on a lead and is halter broke. Previously she had not received much hands on and will need someone with a loving, patient, and understanding personality to bring angel out of her shell. She does not offer to kick or bite. Once on a lead, she is a sweetheart and you can do anything with her. If you are interested in giving this sweet girl a new loving forever home, please submit an application today.

Angel has been adopted to a wonderful family in Newalla, Oklahoma. Angel will get the opportunity to love and trust again. Her new adopted mother is taking training and horseshoeing lessons and both will be able to enjoy an experience together. Angel deserves this chance to have someone work with her and show her love and respect. I am pleased that she is going to a wonderful new home and she is going to be joined by Bella.

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