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Bow came into our rescue program February 17, 2005, after her previous owners fell upon hard times. Bow is an 4 year old Appaloosa cross filly. She does not have much spots on her now, but may show differently when she sheds off her winter coat. Bow if a small girl who needs to gain a little more weight. She is the daughter of Ribbon and sister to Edie. She is a sweet girl who just needs someone to give her love and attention. She has not been trained to ride. If you would like further information about Bow, please contact Natalee.

Update: Over the weekend we were able to spend some much needed time with Bow and her fellow companions. We were checking over Bow when we noticed that her milk bag was extremely enlarged and abnormal looking. We took Bow to our Vet on Monday, February 21st and he confirmed that she was very much pregnant and due any day. How this poor little girl has managed to care for this baby in her physical condition is amazing. We pray that she will have an easy delivery with no complications. She is so small and yet most of her is a baby. We will update as soon as the baby is born with pictures. We are also in the process of getting her sister and mother to the vet and have them pregnancy checked. We fear that we may have three pregnant girls on our hands. More information to come soon.

Update: Bow delivered her baby on March 7, 2005 at 9:30pm. She had a healthy little boy. He is just adorable and both baby and momma are doing great. I think that we have decided to name him Crickett, he has such long legs and when I walked out last night he talked to me. It just seems to fit him. Bow is a wonderful mother, she takes excellent care of him. When they first looked at each other in the eyes last night, you could see the bond and love that they share and they even sealed it with a kiss. It was the most precious thing that I have seen in a long time. Congratulations Bow!

Update: Bow and her baby Crickett are doing wonderful. They have also managed to adopt Dan as part of their family. It is pretty precious to see those stay with each other all day. Bow and baby Crickett are available for adoption. Of course, they must stay together. Crickett is only a month old and both are happy and healthy. If you would like additional information about Bow and Crickett, please e-mail or call Natalee. Appointments are welcome for visiting Bow and Crickett.

Bow has been adopted to a wonderful family in Midwest City, OK. Bow and her baby crickett will be spoiled rotten and will receive lots of love and attention from many grandchildren and from her new adopted parents. I know that mother and son will be glad to stay with each other and always have that special home together.

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