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CJ came into our rescue program on May 15, 2005. She is a beautiful Spanish Pony. She is 7 years old and unfortunately blind in one eye. She is very sweet when handled. She has not been handled much in the last couple of years from the way that she acts, but responds well when you work with her. She is also foundered in her front feet. We don't believe that it is severe at this time and can be corrected with regular trimmings. She did great with her first trimming, she is current on coggins, West Nile, Eastern, Western, Tetanus, Rhino and Influenza. She will make someone an excellent little horse with the right amount of attention. We do not believe that she is broke to ride. She does great with other horses, she leads and is halter broke.

CJ has been adopted into one of our previous adopters home. CJ is now living with Major in Newalla, OK. She was adopted on June 6, 2005. CJ will have a wonderful family and will become as spoiled as Major is. We are just thrilled that CJ will get the love and attention that she deserves.

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