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Dixie Dixie


Dixie came to us around the first of December from the OKC Animal Shelter. Dixie was rescued from Spencer, Oklahoma and is estimated to be 16 years of age. Dixie came to us nearly starved to death, no animal cruelty charges were filed due to the owner being deceased. Dixie was in extremely poor condition and very weak upon arrival. For the first two weeks, we had to help her up night and day. Dixie would lay down and she was far to weak to get back up. We had to watch her all hours of the day. We didn't know for sure if she would make it. She was completely wore down and beat all up. From what we will never know. These pictures were taken after one month in our program, and believe it or not, she looks great compared to her initial arrival here at Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue. Dixie is doing much better today and has energy to get herself up and down. We believe that she will make a full recovery. Her weight gain is going well and she continues to improve daily.

Dixie has been adopted by a wonderful lady in Norman, OK. Dixie deserves this family so much with everything that she suffered. I know that both of them will be happy together. Dixie will be loved again and share a few trails with her new mom. We are thrilled to see her go to such a great home.

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