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Gofer   Gofer

Gofer came into our rescue program on December 23, 2005. Gofer is a gorgeous Sorrel Gelding. Gofer is 15 years old. He has amazing conformation and is just a gorgeous sweet boy. Although Gofer is a dream to look at, he is unfortunately lame on his right front leg. Gofer has joint problems and bone chips. He has his good days and his bad. At this time, Gofer could only be a companion animal. Gofer just needs a wonderful retirement home. Gofer has been a champion barrel racer and pole bender. His previous family loved him very much and wanted him to receive a wonderful retirement home. We will have Gofer seen by our vet and see if their are any options that could be considered for him. If it meets our planned budget, we will certainly do everything possible for him. If you are interested in making a donation towards Gofer's leg, we would be greatly appreciative and I am sure that Gofer would be as well. We will continue to update about his leg and when he comes available for adoption. If you would like additional information, please contact Natalee.

Update 8/1/2006: We have tried several options to help Gofer's leg and nothing is a permanent fix. Gofer is a sweet boy and needs a loving forever home to call his own. Gofer could be lightly pastured ridden on occasion and would make someone an excellent learning horse for a small child. He has a wonderful disposition and would make someone an excellent family horse. Please consider giving Gofer a wonderful new home.

Gofer was adopted to a wonderful family in Arcadia, Oklahoma. Gofer is going to be spoiled rotten by two adorable children and great parents. Gofer was adopted along with Cricket. Both have a great new family forever. We are so happy!

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