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Hawk came into our rescue program February 19, 2005, from Arkansas. Hawk is a registered Missouri Fox Trotter Gelding. He is 8 years old and stands at 16 hands, he is in excellent condition. He is just beautiful. Hawk is foundered in his right front foot. We plan to have our farrier out to correct his feet. He doesn't show any signs of lameness, so that is a positive sign that he can be fully corrected. Hawk is a sweet boy and once his feet have been corrected he will be available for adoption. If you have any additional questions about Hawk, please contact Natalee.

Hawk has been adopted - see below.

Update: Hawk has recently seen our farrier and has had his feet corrected. Hawk will need to allow his feet to grow over the next 6 weeks in order to get his feet back in the correct shape and allow his sole to hardened. Hawk is not lame and he is able to be ridden. If someone wanted to trail ride off of him or pasture ride, then he needs to be shod in order to protect and support his feet. He will have to maintain scheduled feet maintenance every 6 weeks. Hawk is a sweet boy, he is trained to ride and rides very well. He is very well mannered, stands perfectly for trimming, picks up all four feet without problems. Hawk is current on his vaccinations, wormings, feet maintenance, and coggins. If you are interested in adopting Hawk, please submit an application now.

Update: Unfortunately we received some bad news on Hawk. Hawk had been trimmed by our farrier February 28, 2005. At that time, everything looked good, the sole did not appear to be dropped and no visible damage seen. However, after his feet were trimmed up and looked as though they should, Hawk started limping a bit more. At first we thought that he was tender after the trimming and his feet were in the normal shape and condition, which Hawk had to get used to over again. After about a week of being sore and limping, we took him in to our Vet's for X-rays. The X-rays did not show good news. Apparently when Hawk first foundered about a year ago he had also developed an abscess that was never treated and it did not blow out from the sole or the top of his hoof. Instead, it became infected and started eating away the toe of the Coffin Bone. We can only assume at this point that the bacterial has lived inside his foot for quite some time and has gradually been eating away at the Coffin Bone. We are checking out our options and trying to come up with a solution to help Hawk. It is just such a shame, he is a young, beautiful, gentle boy that could possibly be lame for the rest of his life. We plan to give him 6 weeks to heal and allow his hoof to grow out a bit more. At that time we will have him trimmed and shoed to see if that helps with the pain. If he improves at that point, then our vet will drill into his hoof and clean out the decay from the deteriorated bone and fill with bondo. Then we have to start antibiotics for a month. This is really our only option and we pray that this will work for him. At least he can have a better quality of life. We are following our vet's recommendations and hope that this works out in Hawk's favor. The treatments that he will be scheduled for and the special shoes that he will require is going to put a blow in our funds that we have available at this time. If you would like to donate towards Hawk's treatment, please consider doing so today. Every little bit helps and this guy deserves everything that we can offer. If you have any questions that you would like to ask, please don't hesitate to e-mail Natalee at or call 405-399-3084. We will update information as he progresses. Hawk will not be available for adoption until we know exactly where he stands with being treated, etc.

Update: Hawk has recently been through more trimming and has also been shoed. We have found that Hawk responds very well to shoes on his feet and he has improved greatly. We believe that Hawk can be ridden for pleasure riding only. He will not be able to endure severe, rocky trails, but can be ridden for pleasure and light trail riding. He is an awesome horse. I cannot say enough about this gelding. He is sweet and gentle and loves attention. Hawk will have to remain shoed at all times. This protects his feet and allows his feet to stay in the proper hoof shape. Hawk is now available for adoption, if you would like additional information, please e-mail or call Natalee. Appointments are welcome to visit Hawk.

Hawk has been adopted to a wonderful family in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Hawk has joined a very caring family with 4 other horses. He will be spoiled rotten and will be given everything that he could possibly need or want. There was an instant connection with the entire family and Hawk. We can't thank this family enough for providing Hawk a wonderful home.

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