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Lil' Man

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Lil' Man

Lil' Man came into our rescue program August 1, 2004. He is a 3 year old stud colt that has not had a very good life. We spotted Lil' Man back in October of last year. He was practically starved to death and we called the local sheriff out immediately. The sheriff came out, left the owner with a notice to comply and stated that he wasn't that bad. At that time, he couldn't get any worse or he would have been dead. The next morning Lil' Man was down and couldn't get up. We got Lil' Man to his feet, called the sheriff again, which he stated that he saw the horse yesterday and he wasn't coming back out. Frustrating to say the least. At that point, we took matters into our own hands. We found the owner, he called a vet out and we spent the next week trying to keep Lil' Man alive. The owner still refused to give up his rights to the horse and stated that he just didn't know how to properly care for him and that he would change. Well, since October he was only fed hay, then the owner up and moved and left Lil' Man to once again starve to death. A neighbor finally got a hold of him after the owner abandoned him and now he is finally here, where he should have been in October. Despite the abuse he has suffered, he is the sweetest little guy we know. However, Lil' Man is barely the size of a yearling and he is 3 years of age.

Lil' Man has been adopted to a wonderful family in OKC, OK who fostered Lil' Man. Lil' Man has a companion donkey and they run and play all the time. He is extremely well loved by his new family and they take wonderful care of this Lil' Man. He deserves to be spoiled. He is gaining the weight wonderfully, will update with current picture soon.

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