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Little Bit

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Little Bit   Little Bit

Little Bit came into our rescue program on January 6, 2006. Little Bit is the son of Little Lady. Little Bit is estimated to be 12 years old. He is a beautiful Paint Welsh Pony. His coloring is very unique. His body color is a Chocolate Brown and White, but his mane and tail is a Silver Color. This guy is simply gorgeous. His feet are in bad shape and very long in the toe. We will have our farrier out next week to get his feet back in line. He will also have a Vet Check. We do not know if Little Bit is ride able. He is also a little hard to catch initially, but very responsive once on lead. We will do a full evaluation before he goes up for adoption. Both Little Lady and Little Bit will need to be adopted together and they have spent all their life with each other. We will update on their adoption status soon.

Little Bit has been adopted to a wonderful family in PeaRidge, Arkansas. Little Bit and his mother Little Lady are going to a wonderful new forever home that is going to spoil them rotten. I am just thrilled for these beautiful little ponies to have such a wonderful new family to call their own.

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