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Maximus Maximus


Maximus came into our rescue program July 27, 2004. Maximus used to be a therapy horse in Ada, Oklahoma. Unfortunately, the therapy clinic went out of business and all the horses were sent to new homes. Maximus just didn't get as lucky as others and was sent to someone that obviously had no concern of how horses should be treated. Fortunately for Max, their was a wonderful young lady that would not tolerate his treatment and made bold attempts to have him removed. Thank goodness for her efforts. Max was removed and spent a little bit of time with this bright, energetic young lady, which has a wonderful amount of compassion for animals. She was able to get a little bit more weight on him. He still needs to gain, but feel that after a suitable amount of time, he will make a full recovery. He is a wonderful horse. Maximus is estimated to be around 25 years of age. We will update as he improves and he will be available for adoption at that time.

Update: We have decided to keep Maximus here instead of adopting him out to another home. Maximus is such a sweet boy and is extremely loving, however he does not handle change well. We are finally getting his weight maintained and he is starting to gain again and we feel that if we were to find him a new home that he would get stressed. We do not want Maximus to go under any undo stress, specially with his age. We appreciate everyone's interest in Maximus and feel that this would be best suited for Maximus. We want him to stay happy and healthy.

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