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Midnight before

Midnight after

Midnight is a 6 year old Quater Horse Gelding. Midnight was originally rescued December 23, 2001, in McClain County. Midnight proved to be quite a challenge for us. He attempted to die on us at least once a week. We didn't give up on him though, no matter how many times he tried to give up on himself. Midnight was extremely poor the pictures do not reveal his true status when he arrived. He took longer than the others to gain weight. But, eventually he started to come around and today he is fat and sassy. Midnight was adopted a year ago and he is back at our rescue facility and available for immediate adoption. Midnight is trained to ride and very sweet. Midnight just needs someone to grow with him and give him a wonderful forever home. He is a very laid back horse and doesn't get in a hurry for anything. He is just a big baby, and he isn't afraid to let anyone know it.(McClain County rescue, December 2001 – after photo, 3 years later later)

Midnight was adopted to a wonderful family in Kingfisher, Oklahoma on January 23, 2005. He was adopted with Brownie and Dutch where they will be loved and have plenty of acreage to run and play. They will even have the opportunity to check on some cows, which is a new adventure for all. They have a wonderful family and how great is it that they will be able to all stay together.

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