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Mindy, Aug 2009
Mindy, Aug 09Mindy, Aug 09

Mindy came into our rescue program on May 1st, 2009 from Beckham County. Mindy came into rescue along with 39 other horses, 12 Donkeys and a mule that were severely starved and neglected in Sayre, Oklahoma. Neighbors reported seeing several dead animals on the property to the Beckham County Sheriff's Office on April 28, 2009. Approximately 45 horse carcasses were located in different states of decomposition. The remaining 52 horses were found infested with internal and external parasites, injuries left untreated, hooves in extremely poor condition, some pregnant, one with a dislocated hip and another with a broken leg and body conditions ranging from a 1 to a 3. None of these horses were being properly cared for or had received proper Veterinary care in quite some time. Some of the horses hooves had growth over a year old. This is by far, one of the worst rescues we have seen. These horses have suffered a great deal. However, the ones that did not make it, suffered more than they should have been allowed. Horses were found dead, where they had dug themselves a hole and clearly suffered and died. It was devastating! We were able to save 52 horses, all of which are doing wonderful! These horses will never have to suffer the hands of such horrible neglect again. Please consider making a donation towards the rehabilitation of these wonderful horses.

Mindy is a Beautiful, Black/White, Paint, Mare. She is estimated to be 4 years of age! She was a body score of a 1 upon arrival, weighing in at 558 pounds, infested with ticks, lice and internal parasites. Mindy has been dewormed, treated for lice/ticks, had her feet trimmed, current negative coggins, and is gaining weight wonderfully. Mindy should be available for adoption in 60 days. She is a sweet girl, loves attention and would make someone an excellent horse. If you are interested in adopting this sweet girl, please submit an application now.

Mindy -- Update 8-28-09 -- Mindy is a super sweet girl, very laid back, and loves attention. She is seeking a forever, loving home of her own. Mindy has two sarcoids located on her neck underneath her mane. We are looking into the most cost effective way to remove the sarcoids, but it is more of an cosmetic surgery than anything. Mindy's personality is enough to overlook these sarcoids. She is so sweet and will let you love on her all day long. Mindy has a current negative coggins, up to date on vaccinations, deworming, and hoof maintenance. If you would like to give Mindy a forever, loving home, please submit an application.

Mindy has been adopted to a wonderful family in Agra, Oklahoma. Mindy is going to be very spoiled and well loved. She will get the care she needs and a family that loves her dearly. We are so happy that Mindy has found her forever, loving home.

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