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Ms Runner

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Ms Runner before

Ms Runner afterAfter

MS Runner at new home

Ms. Runner is about 6 years old. She was the only horse that was bred when she arrived. She delivered her foal in April of 2002, named Pebbles. Ms. Runner is exactly what her name implies. She loves to run. Ms. Runner is currently being loved on by both of our daughters.

Ms. Runner is a permanent resident at Blaze's Equine Rescue. She seems to be in place and knows this is where she belongs. She spends her days running and playing with the big boys and doesn't seem to know that she is only half their size. Ms. Runner is very loved here and we just don't think that she would be happy anywhere else. My daughters enjoy her immensely. (McClain County rescue, December 2001 – after photo, six months later)

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