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Pica Pica and Rosa
Pica and Rosa

Pica came into our rescue program January 30, 2005, along with Rosa. Pica is estimated to be around 20 years of age. She is a beautiful Peruvian Paso Mare. Rosa and Pica have been together all of their lives and must stay together when adopted. Rosa is easily approachable, but Pica tends to be a little more leery of people. They need a little socialization work, but both are sweet mares when you handle them. These girls need lots of love and attention. If you would like further information, please e-mail Natalee.

Pica & Rosa, have finally found that long awaited forever home that they were destined to have from the start. Pica and Rosa now live in Elmore City, OK. They will receive lots of love and attention and they now have a large family to call their own. We will miss these girls, but are pleased that they have found their loving forever home.

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