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Pony Boy

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Pony Boy Pony Boy

Pony Boy

Pony Boy Pony Boy came into our rescue program on May 16, 2004. Pony Boy is a yearling Palomino Stud. Pony Boy suffers from a Spinal Deformity, which he was born with. His spine curves in the middle of his back, leaving him with muscle tissue that should cover both sides of his spine on one side in a hump. This was a non-genetic disorder and not very many answers as to why this would happen. Pony Boy is able to run, walk, buck, and jump fences as well. He shows no signs of pain or discomfort. We believe that their is no type of surgery to correct this problem, if so their would be great risk involved since it is his spine. Pony Boy just needs lots of love and tlc. Sweet Boy!

Pony Boy has been adopted to a wonderful family in Cleveland, Oklahoma. Pony Boy now lives a life of luxury with Hershey. He is a sweet boy and is happy to have a loving home. Both Hershey and Pony Boy are doing great.

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