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Prairie   Prairie

Prairie came into our rescue program on April 21, 2006. Prairie is an 5 year old, Bay, Mustang, Mare. Prairie was originally adopted through the Bureau of Land Management when she was 7 months old by her former owner. Prairie has developed a rare condition in her eyes that renders her blind on occasion. We plan to have her assessed by a Veterinarian to see if their is any type of correctional surgery to help her. Prairie is a sweet horse, she is rideable and has great potential to become someone's family horse. We want to try to give her every chance possible to have good quality of life. Donations would be greatly appreciated towards Prairie's condition. We will update soon with more information.

Prairie update

Update 10/01/07: Prairie's moon blindness has upgraded, and leaving Prairie almost completely blind now. Since, Prairie knows her surroundings and relies on one of our other permanent residents to guide her, we feel that it is best that Prairie remain here for the remainder of her life. Prairie is a sweet girl but can be flighty and we feel that it is in the best interest of Prairie, as well as any possible adopters that she remain here at Blaze's Equine Rescue.

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