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Pumpkin   Pumpkin

Pumpkin came into our rescue program on June 8, 2005. Pumpkin is estimated to be around 9 years of age. She is a beautiful sorrel mare with a blaze face. She is a little shy and timid right now, but we hope once given time she will settle in and trust us. She is not currently trained to ride. We plan to work with her once she settles in a bit more. I am sure that she is stressed from the move. Pumpkin had to be moved quickly from her previous owners due to a neighbor shooting buck shot at her. I can only imagine the stress that she has recently gone through. Pumpkin is a sweet mare and we are accepting applications on the adoption of Pumpkin. She is in very good weight and stands around 14.2 hands. She will be current on Coggins, West Nile, Eastern, Western, Tetanus, Rhino, and Influenza vaccinations, as well as, deworming and feet maintenance prior to being adopted. Please contact Natalee about adopting Pumpkin today.

Pumpkin has been adopted to a wonderful home in Choctaw, Oklahoma. Pumpkin is a very timid horse and doesn't seem to trust very many people, but their seemed to be an instant connection with Pumpkin and her new mom. Pumpkin laid her head on her mom's shoulder and seemed to know that she was going home. I am thrilled that Pumpkin has found her new forever home and I know that it was a perfect match. Congratulations Pumpkin!

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