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Ranger, January 2005

Ranger came into our rescue program September 1, 2004. Ranger is estimated to be around 8 years of age and a Stud. Ranger was pulled from a boarding facility by the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division due to neglect. OKC-AWD is currently charging the previous owner with animal cruelty and the case is still pending in our local court system. Unfortunately, we are not able to have Ranger gelded or adopted out until this case is closed. As we know this process can take several months or more. Ranger was nearly starved when he was pulled in September. The picture was taken one month after he arrived here. As you can see in the pictures his ribs and hip bones are still very noticeable and he had gained a considerable amount of weight at that time. Donations are needed to go towards Ranger continuos care. Please consider making a donation today in support of Ranger and other rescued horses currently in our program. We will update later as more information is received.

Update: Ranger's case has been closed and he has officially been turned over to us. Ranger was gelded December 31, 2004. After he heals from his gelding and we are able to determine if he is broke to ride, he will be available for adoption at that time.

Ranger has been adopted to a wonderful family in Midwest City, Oklahoma. He is joined by one other horse and lives on a beautiful acreage. He looked so majestic and beautiful running through their pasture. He has a wonderful new family and life ahead of him.

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