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Ribbon Ribbon's eye

Ribbon came into our rescue program February 17, 2005, after her previous owners fell upon hard times. Ribbon is an Appaloosa Mare, estimated to be between 15 & 20 years of age and she is the mother of Bow and Edie, which you can see on our rescued page. Ribbon has suffered severe damage to her Right Eye rendering her blind. She has partial vision out of her Left Eye. Ribbon is a very sweet mare who has been through some rough times. She is small, maybe 14 hands tall. Ribbon has been treated for worms and receiving some tender loving care. If you are interested in giving this girl a home to live out the rest of her life as a companion animal only, please contact Natalee.

Update: Ribbon has been seen by our vet. We have learned that she had formed Ulcers around her eye and they had continue to grow over her eye. Unfortunately, nothing was ever done to prevent this or to correct it when it first occurred. We have also learned that she does have minimal vision out of each eye. Again, the vision is minimal to where she is able to roam through out the pasture and not hurt herself. However, you must talk to her as you approach her because she cannot fully distinguish that it is you instead of a tree or another horse. Ribbon has also been pregnancy checked and she is not pregnant. This is an extremely sweet girl and just deserves to have a lasting and loving home and family. Applications are being accepted for this special horse. Please consider adopting a companion horse today.

Ribbon has been adopted by her foster mom. Ribbon has stole her heart and she has gone above and beyond to make life comfortable for Ribbon and to make her happy. Ribbon is doing wonderful at her forever home. She has bonded with a miniature horse and her new mom. I am thrilled that Ribbon will be staying where she knows her territory, it should make it easier on her when she looses all of her eyesight. She is a blessed little girl to have such a wonderful family to call her own.

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