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Shiloh Shiloh's leg

Shiloh is a sorrel with a blaze face, estimated to be 18 years old and a stud. Shiloh came from a severe case of Animal Cruelty and is need of your help. Shiloh was picked up as a stray along with three other horses. Upon examination at the OKC Animal Shelter, it was obviouse he'd been neglected. The previous owner came in to re-claim the other three horses and stated that he could not provide the care and treatment that Shiloh needed and he signed over his rights to him and took the others home. The other horses were said to be in good shape. Shiloh has a very swollen scrotum and is extremely underweight. He is rated a 3 on a scale from 1 to 10. He has a front leg that is completely dislocated and twice it's normal size. His other front leg, now has a bowed tendon from all the pressure that leg sustains. He also suffers from a protein deficiency, which in turn, has caused his scrotum to swell to triple it's normal size. We have wormed him and started him on 14% horse pellets. We hope that his swelling will go down after a couple of weeks of a good diet. Shiloh will have to have his teeth floated soon, in order to help him with his weight gain. His teeth are in pretty bad shape, but that problem can be corrected. Despite Shiloh's horrific abuse, he maintains a very high spirit and a wonderful personality. It is just sad that we weren't able to get to him sooner in life, to help with his leg. We will continue to update as he progresses.

Shiloh will need a lot of medical care to aid in his recovery. Our funds are low right now and all donations would be appreciated to help Shiloh.

Update 12/22/03 – Shiloh recently went to the vet's to be gelded. Upon examination and removel of his testicals, we learned that Shiloh had cancer in his testicle. We believe that all the cancer was removed and Shiloh is currently in recovery. Shiloh's testicle was the size of a football. It was unbelievable, but thankfully Shiloh is recovering well and should be back to normal in a week or so. We will keep you posted on his recovery and hopefully we will be adding updated pictures soon.

March 2004. Shiloh has been adopted to a wonderful family in Maud, Oklahoma where he now lives with one of our former rescues Freedom. Shiloh and Freedom are doing great and this was a wonderful match indeed. We could not be happier that this wonderful family decided to adopt Shiloh as well. Very Happy ending indeed

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