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Sierra   Sierra

Sierra August 2005   Sierra with new best friend

Sierra came into our rescue program on March 9, 2005. Sierra is estimated to be around 20 years old. She is extremely emaciated and in the worst physical shape that we have seen to date. Sierra was advertised in the paper for $100. An individual answered that ad in the paper and went to look at the horse and couldn't bear to leave her there in that condition. The previous owner had told the gentlemen that purchased her that their 5 year old child had been riding her in their pasture. How anyone could bear to ride a horse in this condition is beyond me. The gentlemen purchased this mare and took her to his home and shortly thereafter called us to take her in. We gave her a new name and hope to give her a fresh start to a new life. She is in such poor condition that we pray we will be able to bring her back around. She is eating grain well and alfalfa hay. We will have to start her off slow to keep from burning her stomach up. She needs to have her teeth checked and floated. She will probably have to have extra vitamins and minerals and lots of love and TLC. I just cannot believe that someone would do this to such a wonderful animal and look at her daily thinking that nothing is wrong, then allowing her to be ridden.

Update August 6, 2005, Can you believe the progress? Sierra has made a remarkable come back and continues to get stronger and thicker everyday. She is just a beautiful girl and ALIVE! Sierra has been adopted and you will never guess where she lives. Her new retirement home for the rest of her life is Sierra Ranch. They are doing wonderful things with this girl and wanted her to live out the rest of her life at her Name Sake. Stories of Success and Adoptions like these make everything so worth it. To Sierra and her loving family, SHE IS A TREASURE, ONE THAT BLAZE'S TRIBUTE EQUINE RESCUE WILL NEVER FORGET AND WE THANK YOU FOR OPENING UP THE GATES TO SIERRA RANCH FOR HER TO COME HOME.

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