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Skipper   Skipper   Skipper

Skipper was impounded on August 15, 2005. Skipper was a stray and wondered into someone's property for a late night meal. I usually don't post horses that are impounded and waiting for owners to come forward. One of the reasons that I wanted to post Skipper is because of her current condition. I have never seen a horse this badly swayed before at such a young age. Skipper is only a 4 year old. Having a horse that is swayed can be due to genetics, old age, or being started to early. I think that one of the main reasons Skipper's back is this bad is because she was started way to young and genetics may have played another factor. Skipper is a cute, little bay filly. She is in need of some groceries, which of course, she is getting plenty of here. We will update on her condition later or as we come into contact with her owners to find out the rest of her story. In the meantime, she is being treated just like the rest of the horses that come into our rescue facility, SPOILED!

Skipper has been adopted by a wonderful family in Perry, Oklahoma. Skipper was adopted with Smokey and they will be able to live our the rest of their life, receiving lots of love and companionship from their new adoptive mom and a pony. We couldn't have asked for a better home for these guys to go to.

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