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Solomon   Solomon

Solomon came into our rescue program on October 21, 2005. Solomon came from Sapulpa, Oklahoma along with two other horses. Solomon is estimated to be 7 years of age. He is in good physical condition, he does need his teeth done and dewormed. Solomon is very head shy, and untrusting. He seems to want attention, becomes scared and spooky once approached. He doesn't seem to want you to touch his head, but enjoys his neck being rubbed. Solomon is a beautiful bay horse. We plan to get his teeth done and vaccinations current. Solomon does need to be worked with a little and know that there are good people out there.

Solomon has been adopted to his original owner along with Patience and Daly. When I say original owner I do not mean the individual that starved and neglected them. Solomon, Patience and Daly have returned home with the gentlemen that really loves these guys and you could tell the horses knew they were going home. It was a happy day and one that I know was right. These guys are on a wonderful lush pasture and are being very well cared for. I will try to get some updated pictures of them soon.

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