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Spirit, tied to a tree Spirit, August 2007
Spirit's hooves when seized Spirit's hooves
Spirit, October 2007 Spirit, Oct 2007

Spirit came into our rescue program on July 31, 2007, along with 43 other horses that were severely neglected and starved from the Forest Park & Spencer, Oklahoma area. We were called by the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office, Forest Park Police Department and Spencer Police Department to assist in the seizure of the 44 horses. Spirit is a beautiful, yearling, appaloosa colt. Spirit was extremely emaciated upon arrival. He had been tied to a tree in the back of the owners pasture. Thankfully, the sheriff found him. Spirit still had his winter coat in July, infested with parasites, covered in rain rott and his own feces, he had lice and he had never received proper hoof care. Spirit also had upper respiratory that lead in to strangles. We gave Spirit a nice clean stall, groomed him, treated him for lice, dewormed him and shaved all his matted mane off. Everynight we would go into his stall and clean it up and spend some time with him. A couple of nights I would forget to latch the gate shut behind me. I would come into the barn the next morning to find the gate open and Spirit still standing in front of his feed bucket, hay bag and water. He wouldn't leave that stall no matter what. He felt safe and knew where his food was at all times. He melted my heart instantly. He is a sweet boy, very smart. He is starting to trust, but takes a little time to open up. I don't blame him at all after everything that he has been through. Spirit has came a long way in his recovery. He is growing and become quite the beautiful boy. He is seeking his loving, forever home to call his own. Spirit has a current negative coggins, up to date on vaccinations, deworming, hoof care and will be gelded prior to leaving to his adoptive home.

Spirit has been adopted to a wonderful family in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Spirit is going to receive a lot of love and attention. We are thrilled that he is receiving the wonderful family that he so rightfully deserves. He is blessed to have a forever, loving home.

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