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Tiny Tiny

Tiny, January 2005

Remington, June 2005   Remington

Tiny, now named Remington, at his new home, June 2005.

Tiny came into our rescue program June 12, 2004. Tiny came from the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter, this gentle giant had been neglected by a boarding facility and his owners could not be found. After Tiny's arrival we started looking him over and found his Tattoo. Tiny is a 8 year old, gelding and he raced at Remington Park until October of last year. I can't say for sure what happened to Tiny, but he clearly shows problems when walking. I would assume that he was injured and rendered unable to race. Apparently after that, his owners and boarders didn't think that he was worth feeding. Tiny stands a little more than 17 hands, I know his name isn't as fitting, but we couldn't call him largy, now could we. We also wanted to give him a fresh start in life and a name change was one way. His previous name was SUMU. He is just a beautiful horse that needs to gain quite a bit of weight. We will also have a vet check on him and see what and where exactly his injury is located. Appears to be in his Front right leg.

Update January 15, 2005.
Tiny is doing wonderful and has gained much needed weight back. He still has a little bit more to go, but what an improvement. Tiny was treated for abcesses in both front feet over several weeks, during that time he had also shown signs of founder but fortunately he did not rotate. We were able to catch everything early and get him back on track. Tiny is a beautiful gentle giant and feels just wonderful today. He loves to run, buck and play daily. Tiny would make someone an excellent pleasure horse. I would not recommend him for any type of performance, such as jumping or barrels at this time. He was diagnosed with a bone spur during all the treatment of his feet. We are now accepting applications for adoption on Tiny. If you are interested in making him a part of your family, please contact Natalee.

Tiny has been adopted to a wonderful family in Vermillion, Kansas. He will have the luxury of enjoying over 50 acres of land. How beautiful will he be running through his pasture. He will have a wonderful home, that he deserves.

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