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Twister today

Twister and Scout
Twister and Ladybug (now named Scout) in their new home

Twister , along with Liberty, was rescued from an abusive situation by the Spencer, Oklahoma police in August 2003. Twister is estimated to be 5 years old. He is in extremely poor condition. He came to Blaze's Tribute as a stud, and will have to be gelded after he puts on a reasonable amount of weight in order to handle the surgery. Twister also suffers from an injury to his left hind leg. It appears that it healed incorrectly and left his ankle twisted. Twister and Liberty have a long road to recovery.

Twister is doing great and will be going to be gelded Friday, October 17, 2003. He will also have his leg x-rayed and we will update on his condition later. He is a beautiful boy.

Twister and Liberty are doing great and the weight gain has been extremely successful. Both are exceptionally beautiful horses and they both have wonderful personalities. They have truly came a long way.

March 9, 2004 Twister has been adopted by a wonderful family in Piedmont, Oklahoma that has adopted not one but now 4 total horses from us. Twister is going to a wonderful home where he will be spoiled rotten and he will be the center of attention by 3 lovely ladies that they adopted from us last year. Twister now lives with Ladybug, Mandy and Sunrise. Look out ladies there is a handsome new man on the block.

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